Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Welcome to the Filth

Welcome to Dirty Crank.

This is the blog of a cyclist who is far from professional, but brim full of enthusiasm.  To me this is a path of tarmac and dirt, speed and skill, pain and glory.  To others I am just a middle-aged bloke on a bike.

My recordings here will be of the adventures that have been undertaken, with a few back-posted blogs to keep the records straight.  After all, these things live clear in my mind; adventures with the brotherhood that have proven I am not yet on a physical decline despite a ripe old age of 37, but who knows when I am going to hit a tree a little too hard and forget it all?  I cannot guarantee that my memory is complete as it is as there have been one or two (dozen) crashes already.

Hitting the deck is all part of learning.  Getting back up is a fine blend of luck and judgement.

So if you are an enthusiastic cyclist wondering what trouble the average weekend warrior can get up to, this might be the blog for you.  If you are looking for die-hard, super technical advice I am probably as much use to you as a bacon sandwich on a vegetarian menu.

Comments or questions are welcomed from readers and Trolls alike. 

Ride like you stole it.

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